Connan Mockasin – Forever Dolphin Love (Phantasy/ Because)

March 23, 2011 by  

Re-releases are something we are now very used to and this one from Connan Mockasin isn?t really a bothersome as most. After originally being released around a year ago, originally called ?Please Turn Me Into The Snat?, it was weird and wonderful hidden treasure. Now called ?Forever Dolphin Love? with an added live album it is still much of the same. A lot better then Dizzee releasing the same record three times because he just made a track your nan might like.

Just from looking at the artwork or track list you can tell that this isn?t going to be anything ordinary and as ?Megumi And The Milkyway Above? starts to play you are sucked in to Connan’s wonderland. You are no longer listening to an album; you have been kidnapped to a ?Labyrinth?-esc world, dancing with unusual creatures in a landscape that you never thought you could have imagined. Whether it?s floating down streams to ?Its Choad My Dear? or falling in love with marine mammals in the London?s hippest place on the title track, the album sustains its surreal dreaminess throughout. No matter what you will be stuck in the albums clouds of weirdness and in a place you never really understand for 35 minutes but will never want to leave.

The main point of this re-release is not just due to the rise in fan base over the last year due to frequent giging (honestly he seems to be everywhere) but to promote the wonderful Erol Alkan remix that has been in the pipeline since September. With the new fantastic live album full of alternative version of album highlights along with old track ?Sneaky Dog Friend? this will be a perfect collection for people who will see him during the festival season and there is bound to be lots of them.

So why not join Connan on the magical tour of his mind, I promise it?s a trip you?ll want to do again and again.

[rating: 4]