Brilliant Colors – Again and Again (Sumberland Records)

July 18, 2011 by  

If summer could be harnessed into the form of a soundwave, given whispery vocals and a guitar-laden pop-punk edge, then this record would be the final product. San-Francisco-based female trio, Brilliant Colors, have produced yet again another catchy record with a vintage feel.

Very much like their debut Introducing back in 2009, although sounding more polished and honed, their catchy punk-inspired sound with a slight 60s vibe will have you hooked from the very first note. The simple riffs of stand-out tracks ?Back To The Tricks? and their new single ?How Much Younger? cement Again and Again as one of 2011s strong feel-good records. With Jess? dreamy vocals layered atop of catchy guitar riffs straight from the Bay Area, this record definitely brings a ray of California sunlight to your stereo, seeming slightly more bubblegum-pop than their previous offering. However, that catchiness does start to wear thin after you reach the fifth and sixth tracks, and you soon start to realise that the punk element that once shone through in their music has been cleaned up slightly.

At times Again and Again does begin to borderline on repetitive, especially by track number eight ?Hitting Traffic? with repetitive lyrics that become close to that of an annoying dance club anthem. The mood remains the same throughout the entire album and the lack of exploring new avenues leads to the record seeming like one continuous recording rather than a compilation of ten different songs. The punk element to their sound is lost in a mass of songs that are almost too laid-back, especially for a genre that is infamous for fast-paced aggressive riffs. It lacks variation and that certain spark that sets bands of the same genre out from the rest, so much so that the band seem bored with their own music at times.

However, the album is redeemed by the fact that the three-piece are good at what they do. They may not be delivering anything new, but they provide half an hour of chilled out girly rock, perfect for kicking back during the summer months. If you?re willing to look past the initial tediousness that presents itself upon first listen, Again and Again is actually a well-rounded and safe record.