Beirut – The Rip Tide (Pompeii)

September 15, 2011 by  

I would like to start this piece with a confession. Like most people I am a cynical dirt bag who very rarely gives anything a chance. Most notably with Arcade Fires’ ?The Suburbs?. Despite everything they had done previous being the highlight of my teenage years it took a few days and a quiet moment with my then girlfriend to even put it on. Consequently what poured out of the speakers is still, over a year later, a complete and utter obsession.

The same goes for poor old Beirut. A band that only ever seem to get a look in from people whom: play the ukulele for a living and students who take themselves far to seriously. A minority that could put me off Natalie Portman is they said she was cool. These sad few led me to ignore double EP ?March of the Zapotec/Beirutando? and with no fault of his own I lost all my trust and turned my back on him forever.

I was led to ?The Rip Tide? by the same part of your brain that forces you to go on ex-girlfriends Facebook and from the start of ?A Candles Fire? my stomach turned upside down I realised it was everything I always wanted. His signature blend of European folk and modern pop take me to places no other could and by the time the trumpets kicked in on ?Santa Fe? I had realised my mistake and was on my knees.

I love everything from the Lyrics of ?The Peacock? to the beautiful orchestral call & response on ?Payne?s Bay.? Did I mention the upmost respect I have for Vagabond? Only Beirut and La Shark are fighting to make the harpsichord cool. A battle that against the odds they are winning.

So if you?re reading this what do you say? I?m a changed man, I?ve lost some weight and doing pretty well for myself. I promise we can make things just like before but better!

We?re 2 in a million you and me.