Beat Connection ? Surf Noir EP (Tender Age)

April 20, 2011 by  

It wasn?t so long ago when I was listening to Seattle bred synth based dream pop in the form of Craft Spells and their promising debut Idle Labour. So when Beat Connection?s Surf Noir EP came along I was expecting more of the same as they ticked the boxes mentioned above. However to my surprise Beat Connection seemed to be a different type of creature.

Surf Noir is a collection of sweet sounding electro pop songs which takes influence from a wide range of genres. ?In The Water? has a style to it that is familiar of the Friendly Fires with the use of samba style drums and dreamy guitar injected with delay effects. Then you have ?Theme From Yours Truly? which is more for the dance floor with its trance like samples. It?s hard to put a label on the band.

Tracks like ?Fresh Touch? and ?Motorway? have a more robotic feel to them sounding like something from an early Daft Punk session. The vocals on both songs have this highly auto tuned android singing along with the help of some space age synth sounds. It shows how creative the band can be, but these two songs could have easily been dropped making it a more compact six track EP.

?Silver Screen? is the tune that really stands out from the rest of the pack; it starts with some gentle woodwind hooting and then grows into an electronic rainforest of sounds. Unlike the rest of the songs on the EP, it contains a structured verse and chorus but this doesn?t damage the song. ?Silver Screen? is equally joyful with vocals as it would have been without them and the lyrics blend in perfectly with the enchanting backdrop of euphoric beats.

The band have the tag of dream pop but there seems to be more to them that. The inventive and blissful mix of electronic sounds makes Surf Noir a refreshing pre summer release, creating a perfect listen for basking in blue skies and blinding rays. It?s going to be interesting to see how bright Beat Connection?s future will be from here.