Beastie Boys – Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 (Virgin)

June 13, 2011 by  

Beastie Boys are back with ?Hot Sauce Committee Part 2?, their 8th studio album. Their previous album ?To The 5 Boroughs? took itself rather too seriously for a Beastie Boys record, but Hot Sauce Committee sees the return of the fun loving, playful Beastie?s of old. Of course, they are no longer Boys, they are middle-aged men, so the thought of them returning to their adolescent, rebellious attitude may seem like a massive mistake, but true to form, they don?t seem to care.

Opener ?Make Some Noise? bursts out of the speakers, full of energy and old school attitude. The edgy analog synth and the self-referential lyrics show that they have still got what it takes to make the music that made them superstars over 20 years ago. Accompanied by a quite brilliant video featuring Hollywood A-listers portraying the trio, it is a triumph, and a perfect comeback single. The formula is consistent for the whole album. The sound is relentlessly retro with scratches, synths and old school samples scattered all over the tracks, executed with fluidity and verve. Nas makes a welcome appearance on ?Too Many Rappers?, and embraces the Beasties ethos with good spirit, whilst declaring ?too many rappers and there?s still not enough MC?s? referring, bluntly, to the current state of hip-hop. The other highlights are a Santigold featuring pop-reggae cut, ?Don?t Play No Game That I Can?t Win?, and the original first single ?Lee Majors Come Again? which encapsulates the punk spirit of the Beastie Boy?s from all those years back.

The fact they can still make a fun, exciting album whilst not altering their sound, or offering anything new, shows that the Beastie Boys belong to a unique group of artists with whom music lovers will always welcome new material, especially when it sounds as fresh as Hot Sauce Committee Part 2.