Baddies ? Do The Job (Medical) 28/09/09

October 4, 2009 by  

Baddies - Do The Job

With September not only comes the end of summer and the slow decline into the winter, but up and down the country ageing deans will be ushering in thousands of post-pubescent teenagers to the dormitories of age old educational institutions. Whilst in the confines of University every prospective binge-drinking first year lothario needs a new favourite band. One with attitude, a distinctive style and more importantly one which will provide the perfect soundtrack to the forthcoming months of drunkeness and debauchery.

Well future leaders of the world look no further. Southend types Baddies are just that. A four piece custom made for late night dorm room parties and all day drinking sessions. There d?but album Do The Job, is an unrelenting collection of anarchic pop-sings of the indie punk variety, which will make for perfect party music fodder.

Admittedly most of the album sounds a little to much like a cross between the Future Heads and the Hives, but what this band lacks in musical variation it more than makes up for in their undeniably quirky style which oozes personality.

Each song is it’s own two and a half minuet fragment of simple, but effective, eccentric indie punk. Previous single Open One Eye encapsulates the albums aesthetic perfectly. Striking vocal harmonies bode well with scratchy art-rock guitar hooks and a rumbling bassline, all of which is intertwined with a seemingly banal narrative.

With each subsequent song pushing the limits of the bpm there is little time to draw breath before the album finishes on one last, this time extended, burst of catchy art rock in the shape of Paint The City.

Packed with an abundance of personality and catchy hooks, it’s easy to overlook the singular nature of Do The Job, which means you can to turn it right up and focus on enjoying yourself.


By Chris Cummins