Ash – A-Z Vol 1 (Atomic Heart Records)

May 9, 2010 by  

Ash are what you?d call ancient in the world of Alternative rock, they have been going since some of you have been born (1992), they have seen their contemporaries of the 1990?s come and go and have somehow managed to carve themselves a lasting career.

Their longevity has to be due to their tunes, they?ve always had a youthful sensibility to their sound which has made them timeless, in fact their brand of catchy rock has not changed much over the years and we are talking a career spanning three decades.

So it?s business as usual on A-Z Vol 1, rock anthems a go-go but there is something slightly different about this particular record, the boys have decided to release the first compilation of a filler free album, thirteen kick ass songs each of which has been released as singles every two weeks since September last year and another thirteen will be released at the same pace till this September. Playing the public at their own game I gather (I wouldn?t have bothered releasing the record just yet boys).

What of the songs then? Each track is as infectious as the other, very upbeat, great melodies and plenty of genres bending adventure goings-on?s here.

Electro pop on ‘True Love 1980’ and ‘Space Shot’ that would have the Pet Shop Boys all misty eyed in pride, ‘The Dead Disciples’ is reminiscent of some of Muse?s finest moments, ‘Neon’ sounds like the gothic hit that Placebo desperately needs, ‘Command’ is a punk affair and power pop rock at its best on ‘Joy Kicks Darkness’, ‘Tracers’, ‘War With Me’ and ‘Ichiban’.

Generally an action packed rock collection any band would be proud of, looking forward to the next collection boys.

[rating: 4.5]