Amazing Baby – Rewild (V2/Co-operative) 22/06/2009

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And there it is again: the b-word, the one that so often demands immediate attention and preconceived kudos; its mere utterance getting bloggers wet and musos salivating in anticipation. Of course the buzzword in question is Brooklyn; the increasingly mythical suburbian nirvana casting an endlessly essential spate of bands forth into a world in which they?ll be warmly embraced. And it?s been earned, no question, because aside from the brow furrowing, cataclysmic rise and rise of MGMT, Brooklyn boasts more famous contemporary sons and daughters than we care to remember. It?s also pleasant and unsurprising that Amazing Baby have cut the umbilical chord with such aplomb and Rewild heaves with such vibrant ambition.

Having released their Infinite Fucking Cross EP last year, Will Roan and Simon O?Connor have ramped up on that early promise and set Rewild alight with giant swathes of Super Furries absurdity and the psychedelic meanders of Animal Collective. And as much as the album has its modern peers, there’s an undeniably rich pillaging of the past. Opener Bayonets earnestly opens up with a busy playfulness but it?s Invisible Palace that marks out Amazing Baby?s intent ? a Zeppelin meets T-Rex colossus lurching with drawled prog intent, aired out on a blanket of spaced out euphoria. The Narwhal continues in the languid, drugged feel with desert wails and delicate flute and harp easing the come down but closer Pump Yr Brakes energises the fug, hurling a Bernard Butler sized curve ball, to remind us that Amazing Baby are much more than just 20th Century Boys.

[Rating: 3.5]

By Reef Younis