Allo Darlin? ? Allo Darlin? (Fortuna Pop) 07/06/2010

June 10, 2010 by  

Allo Darlin? is an Auzzie/British combo whom has been making music professionally for just over a year. In that time they have had attention from BBC Radio, XFM, the Guardian and other relevant broadcasting and publication institutions. Is that enough to capture the hearts of music lovers in the land? Well it is a good place to start and the tunes will do the rest.

These are the kind of tunes that you would find on soundtracks of indie rom-coms such as 500 Days of Summer or Nick and Norah?s Infinite Playlist, not to be dismissive as these are finely tuned sunny and fresh pop tunes a la Americana with a London via Shoreditch twist. But Allo Darlin? does fall into the Indie pop band box and fit quite neatly, ticking all the boxes on the way down, band name included. I sense the death clock is ticking for this movement, then again maybe not…

Their contribution to the scene is noted, the lyrical touch on each song is on point, bittersweet, smart, witty and maybe slightly twee. You?d be hard pushed to find a dull moment in this short collection, ?Dreaming?, ?The Polaroid Song? and ?Kiss your Lips? are perfect situation love songs. ?Kiss your Lips? is set in Paris (you?re a woman after my own heart Elizabeth), ?Woody Allen? is a tale about who could play Elizabeth?s boyfriend and herself in the movie of their lives, certainly not Woody Allen according to her and Diane Keaton in Manhattan is too much of romance Nazi to play her. ?My Heart is a Drummer? is another winner with the sweetest melody of them all.

I might have had my reservations about the indie pop scene but Allo Darlin? have certainly rekindled my interest, theirs is the soundtrack of the summer.