The Drums Returning With New Krautrock Sound?

June 28, 2011 by  

Last time we heard of The Drums they were rehashing old surf songs with Manchester?s indie output of the mid-?80s and now they seem to have gone all, erm, krautrock.

In a move similar to The Horrors a few years back the band appear to have ditched their initial sound and by the looks of it picked up some old Kraftwerk CDs in their local charity shop.

If you don?t believe us check out their ?teaser? video below.

We?ve been told that more details will be announced soon and whether they?ll be just as Berlin is yet unknown.

As far as we do know, the video is not an actual song but more of a message and that message ‘Portamento’ is just a musical term – could be the name of the album though.