The Concretes Announce New Album WYWH

August 12, 2010 by  

Sweden’s The Concretes, are set to return from their three year hiatus in November, with a new album entitled WYWH.

Fans of The Concretes might be surprised to hear that their new album is said to be a ‘Disco’ record and apparently contains “less guitar, more keyboards, more bass, deep languorous vinyl grooves, twitching percussion and some good old cowbell”

Crikey, we’ll have to wait and see then with this one

The album is coming out on November 4th on Something In Construction and the track-list is below:

01 Good Evening
02 My Ways
03 Crack in the Paint
04 I Wish We’d Never Met
05 All Day
06 What We’ve Become
07 Oh My Love
08 Knck Knck
09 Sing For Me