Slow Club Release Track By Track Guide To Christmas EP

December 14, 2009 by  

slow club

Slow Club have given fans an early festive treat in the shape of their new EP ?Christmas, Thanks For Nothing?, which is out today on Moshi Moshi.

This is followed by a one-off headline show at Union Chapel on Thurs 17th December.

On the EP, Rebecca and Charles take turns recreating two Darlene Love Christmas classics. Charles delivering a stripped down take on ?All Alone On Christmas? ? the E Street Band assisted number from ?Home Alone 2? ? while Rebecca unleashes a full throated rendition of the Phil Spector-penned ?Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)?.

To bestow their fans with yet more festive joy, the duo have released a track by track guide of the EP, which can be read belew:

1. All Alone On Christmas

Charles: ?Making this EP was a good excuse for us to spend time in the studio without the pressure of a full album or even our own songs on our heads. We used a few different instruments and experimented with more electronic sounds to see how much we could get away with. I guess that?s up to other people to decide.?

2. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)

Rebecca: ?This was probably my favourite Christmas song and it was an obvious choice for us to cover. We followed Phil Spector?s lead when it came to production, and it turned out exactly how we wanted! It was also really fun for me to really try and sing and give up drum duties. BIG FACT: This is the very first time any cymbals have been heard on a Slow Club recording.?

3. It?s Christmas and You’re Boring Me.

R: ?This is a pretty sad song really. And it is only a reaction to all the ‘how terrible it is to be alone on Christmas’ songs. Because, sometimes, even when everything is in place for you, it?s not right.?

4. Christmas, Thanks for Nothing.

R: ?I think that ‘Thanks for Nothing’ its one of the best things to say ever. I remember saying it as a child a lot, its just such a sulky, moody thing to say. I think its how a lot of people feel at home at Christmas.?

C: ?Slow club?s first bass line.?

5. Christmas TV

R: ?However old this song is for us, we still enjoy playing it. We both still remember exactly where we wrote it and it has given us so many special moments over the tours we have played it on.??