Radiohead Giving Away ‘The Universal Sigh’ Newspaper

March 24, 2011 by  

With all the excitement over Radiohead’s latest release, The King of Limbs, many seem to have forgotten about the actual physical release that is out on Monday, which comes with a limited edition newspaper.

To mark the occasion of the physical release, Thom Yorke and co are releasing a one-off newspaper called the ‘The Universal Sigh’ on the same day, Monday 28th March.

The newspaper is set to be distributed world wide for free and is not the same newspaper that comes with the vinyl release of The King of Limbs.

Radiohead have also set up a website under the same name, where details of your nearest vendor can be found and a photo-gallery for readers to submit their photos of themselves reading the paper.

They also promise more stuff on the site but don’t quite know what yet, check it out here.