Michael Eavis To Quit Glastonbury In Two Years

June 22, 2009 by  

Michael Eavis

Glastonbury festival boss Michael Eavis has said that he plans to quit organising the event after 2011.

In an interview with The Guardian, the 73-year-old said he expected to give control over to his daughter in two years time.

Eavis said: “I’m living on top of the hill now, away from the farm. So (Emily’s) taking over the house, which is nice. A new generation of Eavises can live here.”

“I still feel I have an important role to play. Even if I go I’ll worry about the drains, the rubbish, the recycling. There will be a gradual process of her and Nick taking it over.”

Previously he had stated he would continue until he was aged 80 in 2015.

Glastonbury takes place this weekend (June 26-28) and will be headlined by Neil Young, Bruce Springsteen and Blur.