Metronomy’s Gabriel Quits the Band

April 28, 2009 by  


Electro trio Metronomy has announced that keyboard player and bassist Gabriel Stebbing will be leaving the band.

Frontman Joseph Mount has released a statement, which said Gabriel left to concentrate on his new band Your Twenties. He said: “After roughly 3 of years of dedicated service I am sorry to say that Gabriel Stebbing (the good looking one) is slinging his hook and leaving Metronomy.

“It’s all very amicable and he’s assured me he doesn’t think he’s fleeing a sinking ship. Gabriel wants to work on his own band, Your Twenties.”

However, Mount did confirm that band will continue without him “As for Metronomy… who knows. But, we will not just simply replace Gabriel… how could we? Expect the upcomming shows to be a different, a different live proposition, maybe more members, maybe fewer, maybe better, maybe worse.”