Memory Tapes Announces New Album ‘Player Piano’

April 7, 2011 by  

Memory Tapes has today announce that he will released a new album, called Player Piano, on July 4th on Something In Construction Records in Europe and Carpark in the US.

The album was once again recorded at Dayve Hawk?s, aka Memory Tapes, home studio in rural New Jersey and acording to Dayve it’s “eyboard-based psychedelic girl group songs, a sort of Motown suicide note”.

An earlier version of Today Is Our Life from Player Piano was released earlier this year on Something In Construction?s Love SIC Disco compilation which you can stream below:

Today Is Our Life by Memory Tapes

Memory Tapes will be showcasing ‘Player Piano’ live this summer and the band will be expanded from the previous duo of Dayve and drummer Matt Maraldo.