Listen: Egyptian Hip Hop – Yoro Diallo

September 19, 2012 by  

Manchester’s Egyptian Hip Hop have released another track from their forthcoming debut album ‘Godd Don’t Sleep’, released 5 November on R&S.

According to the band the song is inspired by a Malian musician, Alecsander Pierce explains:

?There?s something about the West African, and particularly Malian, use of rhythm that really gets me going. I’m not a dancer but it?s pretty hard not to get infected by some of the grooves that these musicians create: in particular, a Malian musician by the name of Yoro Diallo.”

“We wanted to create something with this fluid sense of pulse, that was still very danceable, and also poppy. People forget that this ‘world’ music is pop just as much as anything western and current.?

‘Yoro Diallo’ follows on from the recently aired ‘SYH’ and you can stream it below: