Gang Of Four – I Party All The Time (Remix Stems Part One)

July 6, 2010 by  

You may of seen on a couple of other sites already that we’re participating in a Gang Of Four Remix competition. The gist of it is, the band are inviting people to remix their new track ‘I Party All The Time’ and will then get fans to vote for their favourite mix, which will then be released as part of a G04 digital bundle released later this year.

There are five sites in total hosting either of the two sets of stems and we’re hosting the first.

Details and stems are below:


1. Download the stems from this page/remix them up/submit your remix via the Drop Box on the Gang of Four website:

2. Best remix as voted by fans will feature in a G04 digital bundle released later this year

3. CLOSING DATE = Friday 13th August

Any questions –

‘I Party All The Time’ Remix Stems (Set 1 of 2) by gangoffour

You can find the second set of stems on the following sites: The Music Fix and This Is Fake DiY.