Editors Recruit Garth Marenghi For New Single

January 14, 2010 by  

No, not really, but It does sound like they have been working with the self confessed ‘Dreamweaver’ on their latest single ?You Don?t Know Love?.

Editor’s guitarist Chris Urbanowicz’s choice of tone and style on the song is incredibly similar to Garth’s guitar solo on ‘ I’m A One Track Lover’, a song which featured on Matthew Holness’ Channel Four comedy ‘Garth Marenghi’s Dark Place’

So if you fancy some musical bathos watch the clip below then listen to the Editors song and it will all make sense. If you can’t stand either song just fast-forward to 2.00 on ‘You Don’t Know Love’ and 1.22 on ‘I’m A One Track Lover’

Whether the show was on the tele or if Garth actually turned up during the recording of ‘In This Light and In This Evening’ is yet to be confirmed by the band, but he does seem to have made a lasting impression.