Eddy Grant Is Re-Releasing The Song He Accused Gorillaz Of Stealing

March 19, 2010 by  

Following Monday?s announcement by Eddy Grant, that Gorillaz have plagiarised his track ?Time Warp? on their new release ?Stylo?, Eddy?s original version of the 1977 disco hit is being re-released digitally on Sunday (21st March).

According to his representatives the re-release is due to “Popular Demand”. They continued “following online and radio plays of ?Time Warp? across the UK and throughout the week music lovers have called for it?s re-release.” Although the more cynical amongst us may see this as an attempt to cash-in.

Eddy Says: ?Time Warp? has always been a very popular song and has been a staple of the DJ scene for many years, now it?s available for the public to buy on digital format they will have the opportunity to see for themselves what a blatant Rip Off ?Stylo? is, it?s practically note for note the same!

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