Duke Special Announces Run Of Intimate Live Shows

January 20, 2010 by  

Ireland’s Duke Special returns with three unique new projects to be released simultaneously on March 1st 2010 in a box set under the title “The Stage, A Book & the Silver Screen”.

To launch the projects, Duke Special will play three intimate live shows playing music from all three new records, accompanied by full background visuals.

February live dates:
Friday 19 Feb – Smock Alley Theatre @ St Michael John’s Church, Dublin
Saturday Feb 20th – May Street Church, Belfast
Thursday Feb 25th – Hoxton Hall, London

Duke Special releases his three new records “The Stage, A Book & the Silver Screen” on March 1st via Pledge Music, the music fundraisng service where fans donate money for an artist to complete a record.

The records will be:

1) “The Silent World of Hector Mann” album based on “The Book of Illusions” by Paul Auster – recorded by Steve Albini in Chicago and featuring Neil Hannon and Ed Harcourt.

2) “Huckleberry Finn” album. An unfinished musical by Kurt Weill based on Huckleberry Finn – Duke is the first person ever to record this suite of songs.

3) “Mother Courage” album – Duke has written the music to a new production of Brecht’s “Mother Courage” and has just played to 100,000 people at the National Theatre – the entire production is based around his music and the band’s performance. The show is being taken to Broadway next year.