Dot to Dot 2011 – Nottingham Preview

May 24, 2011 by  

After a solid six years of churning out the best new bands and artists this country has to offer, The Dot To Dot festival is back again to launch careers for home grown talent and breakout acts from around the world. Adding to the fresh meat are the more experienced live performers, and this year sees And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead joining We Are Scientists from the other side of the Atlantic along with Birmingham rockers Guillemots making a welcoming appearance.

As there are so many acts playing throughout the day at so many different venues, it?s going to be hard to choose who to see, and no matter what happens you are bound to miss a brilliant performance from someone playing elsewhere. Here are my ten breakout acts that are hopefully going to put a stamp on the festival.

The Naked and Famous
The New Zealand rockers have got an evening slot at the biggest venue on the list so there?s bound to be a massive turnout for them. After the fantastic debut of ?Passive Me, Aggressive You?, this is bound to be a show that can?t be missed.

Look out for? the synth heavy anthem ?Punching in a Dream? and fans trying their best to mimic Alisa Xayalith?s vocals.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs
He?s been been blowing up the dance floors all around the UK with dinosaur costumes, quirky dance moves and Chieftain Headsets. Apparently the new album is on its way, so there will hopefully be some new tracks for the dancing dinosaur girls to body pop to.

Look out for? the sultry bit-pop sounds of ?Garden? and of course the dancing dinosaur girls.

After a great debut album release and the band generating a lot of buzz thanks to their new label signing, this midnight showing at The Bodega which seems to definitely be the perfect environment for them has the potential to be the performance of the festival.

Look out for?plenty of glockenspiel playing for the song ?Go Outside? and lots of long smooth black hair.

Is Tropical
We?ve got to wait until June for an album from the veiled faced trio from London, but the mysterious threesome are bound to showcase new songs along with their usual lo-fi sound and visual feast of fluorescent strobe lighting.

Look out for… a bit of a Klaxons-esque indie rave when ?The Greeks? gets played.

Their EP titled ?Sun Bronzed Greek Gods? showed a lot of promise for the surf pop quartet from Massachusetts and got impressive reviews from critics and bloggers alike. Expect a lot dreamy synths and head nodding electro beats.

Look out for?the blissful, sun soaked sounds of ?Living in America? and lead singer Dom?s oddly soothing female sounding vocals.

They have a schizophrenic style which makes them hard to categorize and their latest album ?My _ Is Pink? swings from genre to genre. Fans of The Flaming Lips and Death From Above 1979 should definitely check their performance out.

Look out for? the monstrous drum sounds of ?Tog? and plenty of psychedelic weirdness on stage.

The arty London based duo have described their music as night-pop, it slides between dub-step and trip-hop so this equals a definite Massive Attack influence on their latest EP titled ?Night Drive?. Their debut album coming out soon will be mixed by Craig Silvey of Arcade Fire and Portishead fame.

Look out for? the icy vocals from Catherine Pockson on the song ?Drive? and everyone declaring night-pop as their new favourite genre.

Fixers are a young dream-pop band from Oxford who sees the Beach Boys as being a massive influence on their music. They?ve also been compared to Animal Collective and gained a lot of popularity with DJ?s on Radio 1. Not a bad way to start your music career.

Look out for? catchy radio hit ?Crystals? and some Mike Love styled vocals from lead singer Jack Goldstein.

Hot Horizons
The Leicester five piece led by two brothers make chilled out, soulful dream pop with massive servings of reverb. They?ve so far released two EP?s titled ?October? and ?All Of This? and have an album coming out this summer.

Look out for? a lot of listeners frozen still and mesmerised as the band play the dulcet sounds of ?Spoken?.

It?s only right to end with some local home grown talent. Swimming are a synthy art-rock band who have been around for a number of years. The band released their debut in 2009 titled The Fireflow Trade and have toured with the likes of Carl Barat all over the country.

Look out for? the ferocious bass heavy ?Sun in the Island? and a lot of support from their home city