Dev Hynes Releasing New Album ?Coastal Grooves?

May 31, 2011 by  

Having already worked under the alias Lightspeed Champion, Dev Hynes is set to work under yet another monkiker for his new project Blood Courage.

The former Test Iciles man is releasing a new album under that name called ‘Coastal Grooves’ on August 8th through Domino.

The new project is said to be the result of ?living in New York City for the past three years where he has been concentrating on writing and producing for other artists.During this time he simultaneously worked on songs in his bedroom, compiling them onto mixtapes that he would listen to while traveling around the city at night, letting the city?s nocturnal ecosystem seep into the music in his headphones.?

?Coastal Grooves? is also said to be inspired by ?the equally neon atmosphere of Chris Isaak, Billy Idol, 80’s Japanese pop such as Yellow Magic Orchestra and French singer F.R David,? and ?the identity blurring work of transgender icons such as Octavia St Laurent and the nihilism of Gregg Araki movie.?

The album will be preceded by the release of two 12″s of remixes of the album.??Remix Part 1vwill be released on the 6th of June featuring remixes by In Flagranti and Krystal Klear, Remix Part 2 follows on the 11th July with reworkings by Bottin and Bicep.

You can also download a track from the album below: