Blood Sport To Play New Club Night ‘Good Hair’

June 2, 2011 by  

Whitechapel’s ?The Princess Alice? has cropped up a few times in history. It was the boozer of choice for Jack The Ripper and his victims, lost two floors in WW II and from 10th of June it is now the Home for E1?s newest night Good Hair. Picking a hand full of new talent put them behind some decks and get them to play whatever they like. 8-10 weird and wonderful tunes to candle light, 10 ? 12 crazy headline act going into a b2b with the good hair residents. Mix it up with a theme to make things a little more fun, due to recent events this month is Rapture and you have yourself a pretty good night. Hitting the decks this month are:

Greenwich Tea Party

Opening the night is Greenwich Tea Party, a folksy troop whose members seem to span the globe. Crystal clear vocals, Haunting Piano tones brought together with a whirlwind of precaution they bring something fresh to a boring scene. Anyone responsible for making such beautiful music bursting with influence you can surely expect a lot, perfect for the candle lit surroundings.

Native roses

After a few Name, genre and Line up changes under their belt it seems that Brighton?s Native Roses have found their place. Starting off recording first EP ? From the Mill Pond? with one microphone, in a shed surrounded by Hampshire countryside, they are now recording their debut album with a certain Sultan of Swing. Previously collaborating with Radio 1 favorite Birdy the bands low profile is sure to change. Check out the bands track under their old name ?Modern Fighting Vehicles?


A separate set for Native Roses bassist Jacob. His blog has lit up the day of many a read. With a love of Film, Art, Photography, design and more music then you could fit in your brain it is a must read. Expect obscure tracks from any place, factory records sounds and key hitters from the Brighton scene. e

Blood Sport
Hailing from Sheffield this noisy bunch has stopped every audience member in his or her tracks. Sounding like Foals and Battles joined forces with Health and The Fall and made Afrobeat you can be certain that you haven?t heard anything like this before. Front man Nick potters interesting resume has seen him run some of the oddest nights an be in some of the strangest bands, Notably Gargamel vs Crystalline Phallus, now heavily involved with the wonderful Small Decks night whatever he brings in his crate on the 10th will surely tear the place down.

Make sure down on the night and have a right good time and to attend the night put your name down on Good Hair’s Facebook page.