Addict Music Needs Writers, Designers And Film-Makers

March 18, 2010 by  


As we approach the end of our first year in the Blogsphere we’re opening our doors to all you good people and invite you to lend us your considerable talents.

Within this relatively short space of time we’ve expanded beyond our initial expectations and with this good fortune we find ourselves in need of more contributors.

With so many people logging on we want to give our readers the best experience possible and provide the most up-to-date reviews, news and features. Yet, to do this we need a few more musos.

And this is were you come in. As always we’re looking for writers to join the team to do reviews and interviews, and don’t worry if you have not done this sort of thing before, we all have to start somewhere.

Like most sites we can’t pay yet, however in return for your 300-500 review you’ll get digital promos (we’ve gone green), guest-list to gigs, full credit for your work and sometimes the chance to interview your heroes!

It is not just writers we’re looking for. You’ve probably noticed we have one of the worst logos on the internet and would be eternally grateful if someone with a bootlegged photoshop could knock us up something better.

Also, we have a new TV player, which we obviously need videos for. So if you’re a dab hand with a camera or fancy yourself as a TV presenter get in touch and we’ll arrange some time for you to do a filmed interview or whatever you like (within reason) with a band of your choice.

And finally, if there are any promoters/bands/bookers out there looking for a joint venture get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.

So, If you?re interested in getting involved e-mail .