Interview: FIDLAR

February 11, 2013 by  

FIDLAR are a Punk band from L.A, this is their interview:

How did the band come together?

We were formed in the deepest circle of hell, birthed out of the bones of fornicators and gluttons.

You’ve listed your music as ?Punk, Gospel, and Other.? How would you describe the type of music that you play to the people who haven’t had the chance to listen to your music just yet?

Bukowski punk

Who are the artists ? old or new – that inspire you the most?

Flaming Lips (old), Meat Market (new)

Your song ?Jet Punk Jet Bitch? sounds similar to Plastic Bertrand’s “Ca plane pour moi” – can we expect you to sing in French pretty soon?


You stole tees from Target to make all of your own merch – does Mom & Pop give you enough money to buy some now that you’re signed? (I think you should make those shark ones again, by the way)

Yeah we can buy the shirts now but sometimes we’ll steal them just to see if we still got it.

You?re well known for partying. What?s your wildest party memory?

Can’t remember most of them…one time we destroyed an alley (overturned dumpsters, pulled down a chainlink fence, karate-kicked trash cans)

You told Pitchfork that Elvis & Max were part of this Hip Hop group called Head Hunters – please tell me it’s a true story.

When the four of us met we all had separate hip hop projects. Trick Tracy (Brandon), Dirty Nasty (Zac), and Head Hunters (Max and Elvis)

So it seems like 2012 has been pretty huge for FIDLAR; what have been the highlights?

Playing festivals in the UK and Europe, touring with The Hives, our Record Release show in L.A…. it’s been a fucking crazy year.

Now that you’re touring around the world and are signed on a label, are you still gonna do DIY shows/videos/post “shit we recorded in our bedroom albums”?

We still do all those things whenever we can.

It all happened really fast. I mean I remember going on your Facebook page in the end of 2011,when you had a couple of hundred followers, asking you to come and play in London and the following summer you played Radfest, Leeds, Reading, Dingwalls and in the winter and featured in the NME – must have been scary na? I find it fucking scary.

I think we’re more stoked than scared. we’re still the same band as we were before, we just get to do more cool shit now.

That show at Dingwalls was fucking amazing – did it freak you out that four bouncers couldn’t maintain the crowd?

Nah, we’re used to playing shows where there are no bouncers. It sucks when your equipment gets fucked up though.

By the way, have you kept in touch with that bouncer who crowd surfed in the middle of the show?

I don’t think so, but that dude was rad. we hung out with him outside of the show for awhile that night.

At this same show, you told the crowd at least five times to quit school and start a band, so I did. We’re called the Burger Babezcan we be the support act for your next UK shows? haha

Send us your music.