Is Tropical – Addict Music Interview

October 3, 2011 by  

We managed to catch up with everyone?s new favourite mysterious masked trio Is Tropical before they went on stage in Nottingham. Still feeling quite dizzy from the copious amounts of champagne they had in Paris the night before, the band managed to talk to me about why they chose a foreign label, why image is important to them and what we can expect from the video of their new single ‘Lies’.

First things first, where did the name come from?

The first bit came from this scouse bassist we had at the start and he use to say ‘is shit’, ‘is boss’, ‘is crap’, ‘is good’. And then he was like ‘is over’, I can’t be arsed with this, ‘is out’, ‘is going home’! The tropical side comes from when we were writing a lot of songs about escapism, we were writing music in London in the winter living in a squat, so ‘Is Tropical’ is like the furthest place away from where we were at the time.

How did you all come together?

We all use to fuck around in this party band, which was just guitar, bass and drums. Then after a while we thought about making structured songs instead of making everything 100bpm and playing it badly. We released an old album ‘Now that?s what I call party music 2007’. Look it up!

You’ve got the next single ‘Lies’ coming out from your debut ‘Native To’, is the video as inventive as the one for ‘The Greeks’?

It’s just straight up smut, probably another video which is going to get blocked on youtube. Its got this famous model from New York in it and she’s getting naked and having sex with different people. We didn’t want ‘Lies’ to be led by the video like ‘The Greeks’ was, even though it was a really good, people were like ?Oh I?ve seen that video, but I don’t really remember the song!?.

What can people expect from an Is Tropical live show?

Hopefully if our lighting guy gets on the lights, we’ll have some trippy strobes and a lot of smoke. We’ve also got a serial killer for a sound guy who likes to push it as hard as he can with the sound. He’s got that kind of sociopathic distance where everything is 10 decibels louder because he can’t associate with the real world!

How did the signing to the Kitsune label come about?

We knew Kitsune as a label beforehand and we knew we weren’t going to get signed to a major (label). We were also in talks with a German label and we liked the idea of getting out of England and not being an English band. Thanks to that, we’ve managed to go to loads of different places that we’ve never been to before like Venezuela and Brazil.

Where did the bands image come from?

We liked a lot of masked bands and we looked at a load of old punk posters like the Moors Murderers who had bags over their heads, it just looked amazing. We also didn’t really think it mattered for our music if we put our faces out there.

Do you think having an image is important for bands nowadays?

Yeah definitely, but its important to have an identity as well as an image. Sometimes it can work for bands by not having one, but then again why wouldn’t you push it that little bit further visually when you go on stage if you had
the opportunity?