Interview | The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart

December 17, 2009 by  


One of the success stories of 2009, The Pains of Being Pure at Heart have gone from playing South London pubs, in front of 50 people, to selling out the Scala, all within the space of a year. Add to this the release of their incredibably received d?but album, which made our top 20 of the year, and a equally great EP in the winter its fair to say The Pains of Being Pure at Heart had pretty good year.

Before they headed back to the US, we managed to grab five minuets with lead singer Kip to ask how his year was and what his plans for 2010 are.

How was your thanksgiving?

Kip: I spent mine watching Allo Darlin somewhere in Brixton. It was a really good show, though a bit of cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey would have made it ideal.

Your currently touring the UK again, how have you found touring Britain? And will this be the last tour this year for you guys before you pack up for Christmas?

Kip: Any opportunity to come to England and Scotland is always really cool. It’s not a secret that a lot of our favorite bands come from there, and crowds seem super enthusiastic– especially in Manchester, Glasgow and London. Stuart Murdoch was allegedly spotted at the Glasgow gig and it would have been cool to just say hi to him and gush a little bit about how much I love Belle and Sebastian. But I suppose it’s best that never happened…

You?re playing the Scala as part of the tour, which if I?m right is your biggest headline show in the UK to date. How have you found the relatively quick jump-up over the last 12 months, from playing the likes of the Windmill in Brixton?

Kip: I really like the Windmill in Brixton– we’ve had some great times there, and the guy that runs it was always really cool to us. But playing Scala was a big honor and, along with ATP and our show at Stereo in Glasgow, was probably our favorite show on the UK tour.

Your debut album came out early this year and was met with a good response. What was it like recording it and how did it feel to get it out ?

Kip: We recorded it as cheaply and quickly as possible– but we were happy with the result, even if there’s a bunch of things we could have done a lot better.

Do you find the constant references to C86 and the whole ?Twee? thing a little tiresome now? Do you feel there is more to your sound? And other bands that influenced you just as much?

Kip: There’s probably less to our sound. It’s mostly just the E chord + feelings.

What are your plans for 2010? And where do you hope you?ll be at the end of it?

Kip: We’re really excited to start working on the next record– hopefully we can start that in the spring.

Do you have any future plans to experiment more with your sound? Try new things?
Kip: D chord + feelings?

What new bands are you into at the moment, are there any that you would recommend our readers to look out for in 2010?

Kip: not all of these are new, but all of these are good.

1. Zaza –
2. The Depreciation Guild –
3. Dream Diary –
4. A Sunny Day in Glasgow –
5. Pants Yell –
6. German Measles –
7. Titus Andronicus –
8. Crystal Stilts –
9. Vivian Girls –
10. Frankie Rose –
11. Veronica Falls –