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July 6, 2010 by  

Seeing as The Quietus has just proclaimed experimental three-piece Liars’ latest effort Sisterworld to be the album of 2010 thus far, it’s about time we published our interview with their lead singer Angus Andrew. We caught up with Angus last month to discuss Sisterworld and much more…

So how was ATP on the weekend?

Tops. Butlins is a ridiculous setting, but the bands that play ATP are always worth seeing. We had a good time.

Do you find touring in England different from America?

Very very different. It’s like chalk and cheese. Apples and Oranges..

Just like the cultures are almost diametrically opposed..

In England when people are asked how they’re doing they say “not too bad”

In America they say “pretty good”.

It’s subtle but that’s a huge difference…

You seem to be synonymous with reinvention, is this something you always strived for and do you plan to continue that way.

It’s something that comes completely naturally. I can’t imagine ever feeling content or complacent enough to stop exploring new ways to express.

In your formative years as a band, did the move New York drastically change the band and your sound?

No. We moved to NY with a very firm sense of what we were interested in. Eventually though, particularly after 9/11, NY was the centre of attention both socially, politically and musically, which had a huge impact on how much exposure we got around the world.

Before you formed Liars you were in other other bands though?

Aaron was in an awesome punk band called Viral Index and Julian was in ‘Lloyd Dobler’ when he lived in Portland.

Why did you choose to work with Tom Biller on Sisterworld and what was his involvement?

Tom was a facilitator in the truest sense of the word. He helped us get things done and achieve things that we couldn’t have alone. He was especially helpful in finding great spaces to record in and also to help us locate the necessary session musicians.

Before you announced the album you showed three short clips of landscapes on your website, what was the reason behind them and where did they come from?

Before we finished the album we took a trip up the Californian coast to Big Sur. We left all the music behind and tried to place ourselves in an environment devoid of outside influence. It helped us get a good understanding of what we were talking about in relation to a Sisterworld and what it’s like to be removed from the immediate built up environment of Los Angeles.

Like most albums, Sisterworld leaked onto the internet. Do you think this is now something you have to accept as a band or should people still be trying to stop it?

Yeah we gotta accept it and work with it. It’s our responsibility as artists to react in an interesting way…

Are there any plans for a sixth Liars album and do you have any ideas for it yet?

Not really, we’re still destroying this album on tour. As soon as we get a second I’m sure we’ll start talking about bossa nova and all that jazz!


Angus Andrew

Liars will be playing the following dates:

6 Aug – Standon Calling –
7 Aug – The Big Chill / Clash Stage –
9 Aug – Glasgow, Stereo ? / 0844 847 2487 – ?12.50
10 Aug – Belfast, Black Box – ?11.00
11 Aug – Dublin, Whelans – – ?15.00
13 Aug – St Malo, La Route Du Rock –