Emerging Artists #45 ? Pure Bathing Culture

January 6, 2013 by  

Pure Bathing Culture

Listen to Pure Bathing Culture, close your eyes, what do you see ? Well I’m gonna tell you if you’ve haven’t had the chance to listen to them yet (sympathetic shoulder tap): thousands of happy bunnies running around, shooting stars, heart shaped balloons flying high, high in the sky, maybe even yourself riding on a unicorn with your special someone.

WELL WAKE UP DUDE THIS ISN’T REAL LIFE, open your eyes and see that the only thing close to a bunny in your life is the fat London pigeon at your window.

I am not thanking you Pure Bathing Culture for creating songs like Ivory Coast that are so good they
turn you into an emotionally wrecked idiot. But if that’s what music is all about then you’re doing it well and maybe you should give tips to Summer Camp who have tried that little 80’s sound. Except that when I listen to them, I don’t see the unicorn, I see the pigeon.

In this interview, fellow reader, you will learn all about this Portland-based duo and if you listen to the EP, I predict you will have an amazing 2013 year.

Where did you meet and why did you decide to make music together?

We met in college and were friends for many years. Eventually we ended up playing in various bands together. Over time we developed a strong understanding for where each of us were coming from musically and it just made sense to try writing together. It was a slow and organic process.

Why did you decide to move to Portland?

We had decided that we were going to record with Richard Swift in Oregon. This coincided with a time when our lease was coming up in Brooklyn. We had also been lamenting the cost of living in NYC and we were touring a lot with Vetiver and had spent so little time at home. Sarah has a cousin who lives in Portland who had offered to rent us a room in her house, so we just decided to go for it. The rest is history.

What’s behind the band’s sound and how did you come to it? Any influences?

Hard question, we’re both influenced by a wide variety of things. Probably too many to mention here. But, I think what is most behind the band’s sound is just the process of us working together to write and arrange the songs. What comes out is something very different than what either of us would do on our own.

How was it like working with multi-instrumentalist and producer Richard Swift? Was he a big influence on your work?

Yes, he was. There is a very distinct vibe to working with him. He likes to move fast and that keeps things pretty fragile and fresh. He thinks like a musician in the studio, never becoming bogged down in a specific technicality, but instead just making sure stuff actually sounds great. He’s super intuitive.

Where was the band’s first show and what was it like?

At the Doug Fir Lounge in Portland. We were super nervous!

What’s been your favourite gig you’ve played?

We were also recently fortunate enough to be asked to open for the Shins at The Crystal Ballroom in Portland. It was a sold out show and that crowd was amazingly kind to us. It was incredible!

What can people expect when they come to your live shows?

We’ve been playing as a 3 piece with drum tracks live but recently we’ve started doing it with a live drummer as well. We’re really excited about expanding the band over the next year.

What do you like most about your new record and if you were to recommend only one song to someone who hasn’t listened to it, what would it be?

Not sure which song, but what what we like most about the EP is that it’s an honest representation of where we were at as band when we recorded it. It was an early period for us as a band and we’re excited to progress things a bit further on our full length.

Dream collaboration?

We’d like to write some songs for a Phil Collins comeback record.

What’s up next for you and the band?

We’ll be going into the studio to start working on a new record.

And now the gossip question, are you two together?

We are together.