Emerging Artists #44 – Triptides

November 15, 2012 by  

On a typical November day in the UK, you are probably freezing cold, holding on to your scarf as though your life depends on it. Mucus is overflowing from your nose, or mouth, or even both. Well look no longer for Lemsip or Ibuprofen, your cure comes in the name of Sun Pavilion, the new Triptides album due to be released on November 27th. Those three dudes from Indiana will warm up your soul and ears with dreamy psychedelic sounds and make you want to jump into a bikini and buy a surfboard.

So, Psychic Summer was my favourite album this spring and Sun Pavilion is actually my favourite album of the year (whoop, whoop) – does that make you happy??

It definitely makes up happy. Thanks!

You come from Indiana, that’s a bit unusual for the kind of music you play – where did you get your influences from, and what’s the local scene like over there?

The local scene is really rad, lots of interconnected groups of musicians and shows almost every night in countless venues and houses. We listen to everything from Pavement and Nazz – as long as it’s got soul.

What?s it like living there and how did you meet??

Bloomington is pretty cool. The cost of living is pretty low but it still has lots of culture. Glenn and Josh (Menashe) met in the dorms freshman year and started playing shows by spring, and Josh (Morrow) joined about a month after seeing us play in a living room on Washington.

Any interesting (or better, embarrassing puke-related) tour stories?

Glenn had to eat a lot of raw vegetables rolling through a border stop in Arizona… everyone knows how that ends.

You’re releasing Sun Pavilion through Stroll On Records (a London label) and you previously released Going Under (with Outlaw on it, such a tuuuune) through Croque Macadam (a French label). How did that happen??

Alexandre from Croque Macadam emailed us and asked if we would be into the idea of releasing a 7″ and it kind of just took off from there. Same thing sort of thing happened with James from Stroll On. We’ve been really lucky to be getting in touch with awesome people around the world.

You’ve had a few Cassette Tape releases – any reason for that?

We record to tape so it made sense make a few small batches of each album and duplicate them ourselves.

What do you like most about your new album and if you were to recommend only one song to someone who hasn’t listened to it yet, what would it be??

We gave ourselves a lot more time to work on Sun Pavilion, so it came out having a different vibe. ?Bright Sky? is a good place to dive in.

You tend to mix Psych/Garage Rock with Dreamy vibes quite well on this album, was it hard to achieve? (If not can you give me tips on how to do it?!)

It’s not really a conscious thing – our influences just get all mixed up when we make songs.

Dream collaboration??

Martin Newell of Cleaners From Venus

Where do you see yourselves in the future??


Do you like pizza??

Pizza is a staple of our diet and our lives.

I make great frozen pizza, any chance you’re gonna tour the UK and get to taste it?

We would love to make it over to the UK. Save us a pie.