Emerging Artists #31 – Trailer Trash Tracys

January 14, 2012 by  

L-R: Susanne Renlund, Adam Jaffrey, Dayo James, Jimmy Lee

Though their name hints otherwise, Trailer Trash Tracys aren’t an all-female riot grrl trio, or some thrash-country outfit. In fact this London-based foursome make the sort of ethereal experimental tunes that turn pop songwriting on its head entirely and leave it feeling a little woozy.

They teased seduced music critics in 2009 with the release of their mysterious single ‘Candy Girl’ and, after almost a three year wait, have put out their debut LP ‘Ester’ via Domino Records and Double Six Records. We chat to their guitarist Jimmy Lee about awkward gigs, shameless marketing in pop music & Scooby Doo vans.

Standard first question: how did you start up the band, where you all from and why did you decide to make music together?

Me (Jimmy) and Susanne met in another band which was the brainchild of a mutual friend. We started a side project called “Trailer Trash Tracys”, and we decided to carry on with that once our friend’s project disbanded. We needed a bass player and drummer and Adam and Dayo joined after, recommended from mutual friends.

Trailer Trash Tracys – You Wish You Were Red by DominoRecordCo

How did decide on your sound/direction, and what was behind the decision?

We discovered we liked the echo and reverb on a lot of the records we were listening to. So those Trojan Dub LPs and Suicide records endorse these sounds, and we decided to use the same effects on our songs.

What equipment are you using for recording, and is there any particular reason behind those choices?

We use a Tascam 8 track which is half digital and half analogue. Then we stem the audio to Cubase or Protools.

Where was your first show and what was was it like?

The Bull and Gate pub, in Kentish Town, north London. It was pretty awkward. We wanted it to be low key, but someone advertised it on an internet socal network site, and we ended up having Ulterior, The Horrors and a band called Ipsofacto turning up. It added to the nerves. We only had four songs, so we did a cover of Billy Idol’s “Eyes Without A Face”.

Trailer Trash Tracys – Candy Girl by Double Six

What’s the most high profile show you’ve done and how did it compare?

Shows supporting The XX around the release of their debut record. When we supported them at an early stage we knew they were going to be huge.

How do you get around on tour?

A Scooby Doo Van.

Which bands/artists are you into at the moment, old or new?

As of the last week: Moon Dog, Chaperlin, William Onyeabor, Throbbing Gristle, Die Plan and DAF.

Trailer Trash Tracys – Engelhardt’s Arizona by DominoRecordCo

If you could change one thing about the music industry what would it be?

Undermining public intelligence. Time after time the major labels pump out formulated, generic music via aggressive marketing, ’til the consumer has to surrender his or her will to this dark force. Aggressive marketing of mindless music is a brainwashing technique that I align to black magic and other dark arts.

What can people expect when they come to your live shows?

Sometimes confusion, but there are moments when an audience gets emtionally involved. And that’s what we want more of.

Find out about the band’s tour dates and news on their site.