Emerging Artists #25 – Caged Animals

September 13, 2011 by  

We’ve now hit the quarter century mark with our Emerging Artists feature and who better to celebrate with than Brooklyn residents Caged Animals. Originally the sole project of Vincent Cacchione, the band has quickly progressed beyond their humble beginnings of a cassette only release and are now soon to start their first tour this side of the Atlantic.

To introduce the band here is founding member Vincent Cacchione…

How did you all get together, where you all from and why did you decide to make music together?

Caged Animals started as a solo home-recorded project. I decided it needed be a band once people started listening to those recordings. It took a while to figure out how to translate those recordings into a live performance; the first step was finding the right musicians.

My sister Talya plays bass for the band, my partner Magali plays keys and sings, and my friend Pat who I grew up with is on the drums. We have a real natural chemistry because we all have history together.

Talya, Pat, and I are all from Hawthorne, NJ a suburb of NYC. Magali was born in New Brunswick, an eastern province of Canada but was raised for the most part in Marseilles, France.

What’s behind the band’s sound and how did you come to it?

We have a lot of musical influences coming into the mix, I like to think of our music as sort of a cosmic-doo-wop. But the biggest influence on the sound is the way that the music was recorded. These are songs that began on the computer.

I had just bought a computer and was dying to record, but the building Magali and I live in is so loud that it’s almost impossible to record acoustic instruments. This pushed me into the realm of electronic percussion and synths. I also used a lot of MIDI sounds which I worked and manipulated to the maximum.

What equipment are you using for recording, and is there any particular reason behind the choice?

For most of the Caged Animals recordings I used GarageBand, a synthesizer, guitar, bass, the on-board mic on my laptop, and a smattering of acoustic percussion.

I really enjoyed working with GarageBand for a while because it’s so simple and kinda stays out of the way during the creative process. I’m not really the most technically savvy engineer but I love to do technically insane things to make the music happen. For me GarageBand is an easy way to make that happen because it’s such a novice program. I’m considered by most of my friends to be a GarageBand wizard. 😉

Where was the band’s first show and what was was it like?

Our first show was put together by our friends who were doing a series called Brooklyn Rooftop Parties. It took place on a roof in Brooklyn, as you might’ve guessed. We were super nervous and under-rehearased. We made up for our lack of musical competency by wearing all white, painting zebra stripes on our faces, and thrashing about in front of 500 people. It was quite the first gig.

Do you live off your music yet or do you have boring day jobs?

Right now it is pretty 50/50, I live off of music and also courier work I do for an Oxygen Delivery company. I home-deliver sick people their oxygen tanks in Staten Island.

What’s been your favourite gig you’ve played?

My two favorite shows were opening for our friends in Darwin Deez at the Bowery Ballroom & opening for our friends Friends at The Silent Barn. In terms of live-shows they couldn’t have been more different but both were really special. Darwin has a really energetic and young audience who scream after every song and also our mom came to that show (it was her first time seeing either of us play music), so it was really special. At the Friends show we used all these strobe lights and all of our friends were there and it ended up being this insane psychedelic affair that lasted for about 15 minutes.

What bands/artists are you into at the moment?

In terms of new music: I’m digging Lana Del Rey, DIVE, Shilpa Ray, Lost Boy?, Forest Fire, Friends, EMA, Twin Sister, & John Maus.

Old music wise; We are forever listening to Dylan, VU, Brian Eno, Phil Spector artists, Joy Division, Michael Jackson, & Suicide

What can people expect when they come to your live shows?
Confetti & Good vibrations.

If you could get one band to reform who would it be?

The Stone Roses or Neutral Milk Hotel. I actually got to see Jeff Mangum play at a friends loft in Bushwick, he’s a musical hero of mine, so that was one of the most amazing shows I’ve ever seen.. We were also lucky enough to have Julian Koster of NMH play in our apartment. Our friend, Neil Rough, who is a brilliant photographer introduced us to Julian last summer and when he was doing his lullaby-home-tour we were able to convince him to play at our place!

Do you have any confirmed plans for another album yet and if so what can we

Our next album is entitled Eat Their Own and will be available on the 26th of September via Lucky Number Music.

What’s up next for the band?

We will tour the UK with our friends in Friends beginning with a date in London on September 27th @ The Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen.