Emerging Artists #18 ? Big Deal

March 20, 2011 by  

Up next for our quick fire questions that hope to shed some light on our favorite new bands are Big Deal. The transatlantic duo, made up of Kacey Underwood and Alice Costelloe, blend their earnest vocals together over a backdrop made only of acoustic and fuzzy guitars. The sparseness of their music creates a haunting backdrop for their heartfelt lyrics and dual harmonies, but before you start to conjure images of The xx in your mind the two bands’ style and influences appear worlds apart…

Standard first question; how did you all get together, where you all from and why did you decide to make music together?

There’s just the two of us. We were sort of friends before starting the band last summer. Now we’re officially friends. I’m from California and Alice is from London.

What?s behind the band?s sound and how did you come to it?

Having as little of a sound as possible. Just making sure the ideas for the songs are really good, because it feels like a lot of music is focused on a set of sounds that are fashionable or new. Rather then the song itself.

What equipment are you using for recording, and is there any particular reason behind the choice?

We are recording at Mute?s studio. There is lots of really great gear that Dan Miller and the rest of the crew have acquired over the years. It’s a nice mix of vintage and new stuff. Other then that it?s our own amps and guitars that make it more homely. They had an old space echo, but it was broken so they brought a new one in for us and we nearly broke everything else there with it.

Where was the band?s first show and what was was it like?

It was in Dalston at the Stags Head, which had some homeless people living in it last I heard. We started our first song of our first ever set and the ‘sound engineer’ hit play on the cd player by accident, melding us with something that was either punk or electro, I can’t remember. It was rough but we just kept playing and eventually she found the stop button. People were really impressed.

What?s been your favourite gig you?ve played?

Maybe that one? We played last night and a friend of a friend started crying at one point. We’re not sure how to take it.

What bands/artists are you into at the moment?

We really like the new Kurt Vile record. Timeless music, which is what we aim to make.

What can people expect when they come to your live shows?

Something to go wrong, then go very right.

If you could get one band to reform who would it be?

We both really want Weezer to break up, but reform, maybe Frozen Embryos?

Do you have any confirmed plans for an album yet and if so what can we expect?

We’re done recording it actually. It should be out by this summer on Mute. Hopefully you can expect it to be like a gig, with less going wrong and more going right.

What?s up next for the band?

A single out in April on Moshi Moshi and perhaps a bit of touring once it gets warmer.