Emerging Artists #17 – Braids

March 11, 2011 by  

If you’re visiting us from the other side of the Atlantic let me apologise; you probably know all about Braids and if you have good taste already own their debut album, Native Speaker. However, for us Brits Braids are still largely an unknown quantity and their album is not due out here until April. So, for those that don’t know, Calgary’s Braids build expansive waves of atmospheric electronics, which at times clock in at just under 9 minutes, and combine them with the flair and eccentricities of Kate Bush and Bjork. Their debut single came out this week, with their album set to follow next month, and before they head off to this year’s SXSW they sat down to answer our regular quick fire questions…

Standard first question; how did you all get together, where you all from and why did you decide to make music together?

We were born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. A prairie province of oil and cows. We were friends in High School and playing music together seemed like the thing to do. I don’t know why we decided to make music together, I feel like at that age there isn’t much preconceived intent behind most decisions. We all just wanted to be in a band, we had no plans of taking it seriously.

What?s behind the band?s sound and how did you come to it?

Keyboard, drums, guitar, vocals. We came by it during our first year out of High School. We played in the garage for sometimes 8 hours a day. A lot of experimenting happened during that time.

What equipment are you using for recording, and is there any particular reason behind the choice?

We used a mediocre condenser microphone, rented drum mics, a mac computer with logic and an interface. We chose this because it is what he had. We didn’t have the means to make it anymore sylish.

Where was the band?s first show and what was was it like?

Our first show was at Emmedia, which is an all ages venue in Calgary. The room is painted dark purple so it seems very small. At that point we had a lead guitar player, who ripped blues solo’s over top of the songs. We had banjo in a couple of songs. It was very very different.

What?s been your favourite gig you?ve played and what was that like?

Our favorite gig was probably last fall during Pop Montreal, playing at the Ukranian Federation. It’s a big theatre, with sit down seating, a balcony and a back drop displaying a painting of rolling fields and bulbous hills. The monitors were immaculate, the best sound we’ve ever had. There was a lot of excitement going into Pop Montreal because we were to be releasing our album soon after that.

What bands/artists are you into at the moment?

Baths, Gobble Gobble, Sean Nicholas Savage, Autechre, Azeda Booth, Grace Jones

What can people expect when they come to your live shows?
A myriad of full bodied sound.

If you could get one band to reform who would it be?

I would never desire such a thing. I guess if I felt all gritty and leather one day then I would walk up to Eminem and tell him to move on from the subject matter of wanting to murder his ex-wife. Eminem, out there in this big ol’ crazy world is a honey who will love you and Hailey if you treat her right.

Do you have any confirmed plans for a new album yet and if so what can we expect?

Nothing confirmed! We’re currently writing. We’re playing 3 new songs that are not on Native Speaker.

What?s up next for the band?