Addict Music Festival Preview ? Festibelly 2011

August 18, 2011 by  

As a nipper I grew up in the lush surroundings of Lymington in Hampshire. A strange little sailing town with an average age of about 102, no real nightlife and handful of youngsters with nothing to do now that Woolies has gone. On a Kerouac fuelled day 3 years ago I left this all behind and headed into the concrete underworld of east London planning to never return. Luckily for me I have a guilt free excuse once a year in the form of ?Festibelly? a one-night festival that seems to take place on the only sunny day of the summer. While Reading festival continues to book the same boring bands every year this little Gem seems to only get better and better, 2010 boasting some top class performances from The Big Pink, King Charles and O.Children to name just a few. This year the boys and girls behind it have put on a line-up to rival any of the majors at a tenth of the price.

Here are my top 5 acts to get your Hips shaking, hands in the air and thought soar.

Howard Marks

You?ve read the book and seen Rys Ifans play him in the pretty fantastic film. Now the people of the New Forest will be finally getting a chance to witness one of his very famous talks. It?s a sure thing that every ear will be glued to each and every word that pours out of his mouth as the field is covered with a thick, funky smoke. Lucky for all us its not one of his dub-step dj sets.

Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs

The name on literally everyone lips but never said too quickly. Releasing one of 2010?s truly great numbers Garden on Greco-roman (More on them later) TEED have managed to do the impossible and crossed over great pop music with great electro igniting the ears of everyone who listens to them. I can picture the day that his slender frame stands tall, headdress attached with Will-I-am?s head firmly in his grasp as oceana?s burn the country over. We all cheer as we are freed from some of the atrocities passing for club music. Every time I listen to household goods I imagine a world where no one goes to party?s hosted by Danny Dyer or whatever reality show is killing brain cells. I promise you all this day is coming.

Greco-Roman Soundsystem

For 20 years now Greco-Roman has been the backbone of everything to do with partying. A label releasing some of the world?s best tunes and a series of underground parties all over Europe with b2b dj sets from the Greco boys and extended greco family formed of their label roster. Expect Alexander ?Full Nelson? Waldron, Dominic Mentsh and the godfather of everything cool Joe Goddard to throw down the best tracks


What ghostpoet does is the most refreshing thing to happen to Hip Hop in ages. An experimental backdrop with a take on modern blues spat over the top, perfect for street lit walks home when your evening hasn?t been all you hoped. Finding high profile fans in Giles Peterson, supporting Metronomy, remixing chart princess Birdy and releasing album ?Peanut butter blues & Melancholy Jam? to mass critical acclaim its would be easy to say that 2011 is pretty much his for the taking, just wait for the album of the years lists to come out.

Hannah Holand & Batty Bass

This years DJ set is really in a world of its own. As well as Greco-roman and what is bound be a magnificent set from James yuilll they have roped in the queen of the London dance scene Hannah Holand. An addiction to bass from the age of 14 Hannah has had her finger on the pulse with everything electronic and makes sure everyone?s moving at her night Batty Bass.

More performances coming from Drums of Death, kyla la Grange and headliners New Young Pony Club it is bound to be a pretty good day. See you all there.