Aberfeldy Track by Track Guide To ‘Somewhere To Jump From’

August 23, 2010 by  

Aberfeldy have just released their new album, ‘Somewhere To Jump From’, through Tenement Records and have wrote us track by track to share with you good people…

CLAIRE is a song I wrote about my neighbour, a woman in her late 50s. She would occasionally complain to my landlord about the noise, but never brought up the subject with me in person. Eventually we agreed to keep the noise down after 10pm, but one night we were rehearsing, and she had her ex-husband round to visit. At
9.55pm I went downstairs to pay the takeaway delivery guy, and on returning top the flat found my way blocked by said ex-hubby, G&T in hand, fuming. ?The music will stop in 3 minutes?, he commanded. I thought this would make an excellent album title, but too many of the songs ended up being over 3 minutes long. Anyway, I cast
her in the song as revenge.

SOMEWHERE TO JUMP FROM. This is about starting a new relationship, when you?re not really over the last one.

MALCOLM I co wrote with the very talented Dorie Jackson. It?s all pure fiction of course. We spent a very entertaining afternoon thinking up fish puns for the fourth verse. Originally, we sang a snatch of ?Our House? after the bit that mentions Graham Nash, but as his publishers never got back to us with permission we changed it from ?Our house was a very fine house? to ?The place that we lived in was a really nice place?. Well done Sony/ATV, you just lost yourselves 2% of the publishing!

MEAN OL? MISERY I wrote because my girlfriend was leaving me, and I didn?t want her to. Boo hoo!

TALK ME ROUND I wrote this when I was quite depressed, and beginning to almost
enjoy it. Boo hoo hoo!

IF I WERE A JOINER I was thinking about how I never write love songs unless there?s someone I?m trying to fire into or win back, and how trying to change someone?s mind or affect specifically them emotionally through music is basically a doomed endeavour; besides which, as a songwriter it?s kind of your job to affect people emotionally. So, I thought, if I were a joiner, what would I do? I?d put up a shelf about you. Pretty dumb, but I liked it. Chris (Bradley) took the initial track and messed about with it on his own; he?s responsible for the groovy intro and breakdown

TURN THE RECORD OVER This is kind of a guilty, barbed apology to someone I was seeing for a while and didn?t treat very well. I?m basically telling her she could do better than me. I?ve never played it to her and never will.

WENDY Wrote this after 2 bottles of wine. It originally had Daft Punk-style robotic vocals. Fascinating fact ? the name Wendy was invented by JM Barrie for Peter Pan.


LISA MARIE This was me messing around on my own, with the chords from ?Holiday? by Madonna. I chose the name Lisa Marie because it fitted in the chorus, and told everyone it was meant to be Michael Jackson pleading with Lisa Marie Presley not to leave him. 3 days later, he died. Kinda spooky?

PLAY THE MUSIC LOUD This was going to be a sort of ?Band on the run? thing, about our career so far. The ?Little town in Texas? refers to Austin,TX, where we played at the SXSW music festival and made many friends.

CALIFORNIA, WEST LOTHIAN There was a commune-type place I briefly lived in when I was 21, with my partner and our baby daughter. It was run by a scientologist whose partner was an ex-member of a certain legendary Scottish psychedelic folk group. I was signing on (claiming state unemployment benefit) in nearby Falkirk at the time, and used to cycle there via the tiny village of California (which is in fact in Stirlingshire, not West Lothian). The phrase ?get to Falkirk? is sometimes used in Scotland to request that someone make themselves scarce.