Caged Animals – Girls On Medication

May 23, 2011 by  

Lucky Number Music, the label that plays home to Darwin Deez, has today brought us the new offering from fellow Brooklyn resident Vincent Cacchione, who goes by the name of Caged Animals.

At the risk of pegging his music down at an early stage, it has to be said that his debut track Girls On Medication has the same hazy bedroom spun feel that got us so excited when we first heard Wild Nothing.

This version of Girls On Medication is released properly on July 4th and his first proper full length album is set to follow in September.

Before then you can listen to Girls On Medication below:

Because we keep getting bitched at by labels (not saying its their thought) for hosting stuff on SoundCloud, and we’ve maxed out our account, you’ll have to follow this link to download the track.