Single Reviews

Royksopp ? This Must Be It (Wall of Sound) 26/10/2009

The Knife and Fever Ray frontwoman?s vocals are all that prevent this track from being tossed in the reject pile out of hand

Boy Crisis ? The Fountain of Youth (B-Unique) 28/09/2009

Boy Crisis have managed to take several interesting musical elements and combine them together in a completely underwhelming way.

Biffy Clyro – The Captain (14th Floor) 26/10/2009

Just when things were starting to look good for Biffy Clyro, they seem to have taken a nose-dive right into the realm of shite post-hardcore.

My Tiger My Timing – I Am The Sound (Silver Music Machine/ Pure Groove) 19/10/2009

Their second single I Am The Sound, mixes their up-beat synth driven sound with a narrative of unrequited love that would make the miserable Manc proud

Ash – True Love 1980 (Atomic Heart Records) 12/10/2009

True love 1980 is a shoddy Ash track, which has been dragged through a Yamaha keyboard backwards via some clever New Order/Depeche Mode pre-set button.

A Place To Bury Strangers ? In Your Heart (Mute) 12/10/2009

Brooklyn trio A Place To Bury are energetic to say the least! Their crushingly powerful shoegaze/rock has seen them clear to support Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and MGMT in recent years.

Wolfmother ? New Moon Rising (Modular) 12/10/2009

It?s been four years since Australian sleazemongers Wolfmother last assaulted our ears with their Zepp-heavy mayhem. And it?s great to have them back!

Teenagersintokyo ? Isabella/Long Walk Alone (Back Yard) 05/10/2009

If Isabella/Long Walk Alone is an accurate indication of Teenagersintokyo forthcoming album then you can expect something truly magnificent.

Everything Everything – My Keys Your Boyfriend (Young and Lost Club) 05/10/2009

Taking their name as a statement of intent, they try and pack as many disparate elements and musical ideas into their latest single My Keys Your Boyfriend.

Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man (28/08/2009)

As we’ve come to expect from the quartet, they yet again manage to make playing banjo’s and singing heartfelt love songs cool and more importantly incredibly uplifting.