Single Reviews

Wild Nothing – Golden Haze EP (Captured Tracks) 05/10/2010

?Golden Haze? doesn?t really offer anything too different from what was heard on Wild Nothing?s debut ?Gemini?; however it is still a satisfying and rewarding listen.

Summer Camp – Young EP (Moshi Moshi) 06/09/2010

Jeremy Warmsley and Elizabeth Sankey have a quirky charm that makes their EP ?Young? begin with warmth and romance to push you through…if only just.

Kurran and The Wolfnotes – Your Four Limbs (Chess Club)

With ‘Your Four Limbs’ Kurran and The Wolfnotes have produced a much needed twist on a genre that is often considered too derivative.

Nine Ninety Nines – Dirty Little Secret/Put it Politely 06/09/2010

As far as d?but singles go, the Nine Ninety Nines’ is as good as you’ll find this side of the post-apocalyptic synth movement.

Gallops – Gallops EP (Holy Roar) 30/08/2010

It’s clear Gallops really know how to concoct a crescendo of Pop influences and avant garde electronica.

Harlem – Friendly Ghost (Matador)

Bouncy surf garage and fuzzy indie/rock are all to commonplace these days. So what makes the bouncy surf garage and fuzzy indie/rock of Harlem so appealing?

Kid Adrift – Oxytocin EP (Island) 12/07/2010

Hotly tipped by many, this plucky Scot Iain Campbell is picking up legions of fans on the small stages on this years festival slog.

Othello Woolf – Doorstep/’Deep Water (Young and Lost Club)

Sophisticated funk pop and an obvious love of Prince are evident in young London lad Othello Woolf?s sound

Washed Out – Life Of Leisure EP (Mexican Summer) 14/06/2010

The EP is a dreamy affair, with fuzzed out filtered vocals and bedroom production, but it’s also surprisingly upbeat

Ariel Pink?s Haunted Graffiti – Round & Round (4AD)

A catchy lo-fi disco song that will fit nicely into the surge of Chillwave that will be hitting the UK this summer.