Single Reviews

The Violet May – TV EP (Oh! Inverted World Records)

All the same, a worthy first effort and worth a listen, even if it only serves as a reference point for future outings.

Niki And The Dove – The Fox EP (Sub Pop Records)

Beautiful glacial pop from one of Sweden’s most promising new acts.

Tribes – We Were Children EP (Island Records)

Every so often a new band emerges who attempt to capture and surpass the sound of their predecessors

Various Cruelties – Neon Truths (Almanac Recordings)

It?s a catchy, fast-paced song about love and vitality that comes riding through your lives to shake away the mundane of your day


As you may well learn from this trio of tracks, D/R/U/G/S is definitely some prime Mancunian wheat

Ben Howard – Old Pine EP (Island Records)

Probably most adequately described as an EP with its best foot forward, it?s a true-to-form attempt to reach a wider audience this time around

Mother Mother – The Stand/Simply Simple

Mother Mother are set to bring some quirky indie cool past the shores of the Atlantic

Big Deal – Talk (Moshi Moshi)

Listening to bands like Big Deal, you could be forgiven for thinking that it’s all starting to sound a bit too familiar.

Young the Giant – My Body (Young & Lost Club)

Young the Giant sound like the kind of band that could be huge in the UK with the right amount of commercial radio exposure and just a bit of luck

Wild Beasts ? Albatross (Domino) 08/03/2011

It?s a tentative comeback, trying to be as gorgeous as it is stripped back.