Single Reviews

The Subways – We Don?t Need Money to Have a Good Time

The Subways fail to disappear, as soon as they think they have vanished, they jump out of the radio screaming ?bla bla bla?.

Dutch Uncles ? The Ink (Love & Disaster Records)

Dutch Uncles? influences really come through on this track with the vocals and build up mimicking that of The Smiths, and yes, doing them justice.

Mogwai ? Earth Division (Rock Action)

The four tracks that make up Earth Division are far from cast offs retrieved from the cutting room floor, but help showcase Mogwai?s ability to experiment

We Were Promised – Jetpacks Medicine

Medicine is the second single from the band?s sophomore album and it could be just what the doctor ordered

Katy B – Witches Brew

A minor bump in the road, Witches Brew is unlikely to stall Katy B?s meteoric rise to stardom

Tribes – Sappho (Island Records)

Delving deep into the history books for inspiration Sappho is based on a Greek lesbian with a reputation for frolicking with fellow islanders

Metronomy – The Bay (Because Music)

With its playful tones and mesmerizing funk beats- ?The Bay? has similar conventions to Metronomy?s debut album ?Nights Out?

Kyla La Grange ? Been Better (Chess Club)

The track builds before reaching an epic crescendo bursting with siren style howls, cutting guitar riffs and impassioned chanting.

The History of Apple Pie ? You?re so Cool (Roundtable)

It?s a catchy love song that could soundtrack any future teen comedy but which also wears it?s lo fi credibility proudly on its sleeve.

Chad Valley – Equatorial Ultravox (Loose Lips)

So? please don?t be afraid to step out of the ?chillwave? stereotype Chad Valley, you could be the person to shed some warmth on this chilly genre.