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Sparrow and the Workshop – Devil Song (Distiller Records) 25th May 09

When you hear the words ?Alt Folk?, usually images of Nordic songstresses and spaced out travellers come to mind. Yet Sparrow and the Workshop?s ?Devil Song? sounds more like a John Wayne style showdown at noon, with Nico singing the backing track. Lead singer Sparrow?s vocals are not only otherworldly, they?re from another era. Stuck […]

ExLovers ? Photobooth/Weightless (Young and Lost Club) 06th April 09

ExLovers? ?Photobooth? is a wonderful piece of work from a band that has been together little more than a year. Opening with a jangling, languid guitar riff, the song bounces along at a decent rate as it mixes sugary vocals with melancholic riffs. It is the vocals that are ExLovers trademark and their greatest strength. […]

Cashier No 9 ? When Jackie Shone (Only Gone) 07th April 09

Belfast?s Cashier No 9 has been generating a real buzz on this side of the water lately, and with musical genius like ?When Jackie Shone? it is easy to see why. Beginning with a disciplined bassline and drums, the song opens up with the introduction of Danny Todd?s vocals into a paranoid, western-themed stomp. Imagine […]

Official Secrets Act – The Girl From The BBC (One Little Indian) 09/03/09

‘The Girl From The BBC’ sounds like the beginning of a good little song. A big sunny guitar hook opens things up, while Thomas Burke’s high voice lounges all over the place. “When summer comes, we’ll go to Paris or Rome”, he sings, and it is easy to be swept away by the warm wistful […]

Rogues – Not So Pretty (50 Bones) 16/03/09

Isn’t there enough 80s tinged electro on the playlists of DJs across the country at the moment? Harrow’s Rogues don’t seem to think so, as evidenced by their debut single ‘Not So Pretty’. In all honesty, it’s a lot better than a large section of its contemporaries, boasting Metronomy-like background harmonies, MGMT-style vocals, and the […]

Single Reviews

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