Single Reviews

Dinosaur Pile-Up – The Most Powerful E.P on the World (Big Brain) 17/08/2009

TMPEIW might not be the most original EP ever made, but it’s definitely one powerful collection of songs

Little Boots – Remedy (Atlantic) 17/08/2009

Hype can be a dangerous thing especially when you haven?t got the songs to back it up with. Already now on her second attempt at pop domination, hopefully it will be third time lucky.

Cymbals Eat Guitars ? ??And The Hazy Sea? (Transparent) 17/08/2009

Expect to hear more from these New York boys, but any real breakthrough will need a much more focused approach.

Enter Shikari ? No Sleep Tonight (Ambush Reality) 17/08/2009

?No Sleep Tonight? is a horrifying amalgam of every element that pisses you off about the whole faux-hardcore movement.

The Silent Years – Climb On My Back (Gift Music) 10/08/2009

Combing the meek vocals of the Arcade Fire with the garage fuzz of Weezer with just a hint of early Flaming Lips, think She Don’t use Jelly, ‘Climb on My Back’ is a vibrant lo-fi indie hit waiting to happen.

Red Light Company – Meccano (Lavolta) 17/08/09

This is not the time to be putting up Christmas trees, although it feels that way listening to Red Light Company?s Meccano intro

Bloc Party ? One More Chance (Witchita) 10/08/2009

Whilst ?One More Chance? is a perfectly enjoyable tune, it would be a lie to say that it shows Bloc Party at their best.

Lovvers – OCD Go Go Girls (Witchita) 03/08/2009

From the opening drum roll to the final thrash of overdrive, it pummels the listener into a submissive state of sheer garage rock joy.

The Twang ? Barney Rubble (b-unique) 13/07/2009

Brumie lads The Twang are set to return this year with new album Jewellery Quarter, but before they do they are releasing a taster in the shape of Barney Rubble.

White Belt Yellow Tag – Tell Your Friends (Distiller) 13/07/2009

White Belt Yellow Tag seems to be the dawn of a new musical era for guitarist Justin Lockey.