Single Reviews

Frightened Rabbit ? Backyard Skulls EP (Atlantic)

Frightened Rabbit are one of Scotland?s most interesting and exciting bands and this record feels like a small step towards their fleshy underbelly.

Cheatahs – The Swan (Wichita Records)

One of the most exciting new bands of 2012. But will they let us all down by 2013?

Frightened Rabbit – State Hospital (Atlantic)

Whilst making their last album there were still a few gems that the band felt needed to be aired rather than hidden for a box set for the band?s 20th anniversary.

Why? ? Sod in the Seed (City Slang)

Released just ahead of forthcoming full length Mumps, etc, Why??s Sod in the Seed EP is a welcome return from the Cincinnati based band after a three year absence.

La Shark – Mr Modern Man

It?s a mishmash of genres ? somewhere between indie, pop, punk, 80s, a bit prog-rock in places ? and it?s characteristically unhinged.

Niki & the Dove ? DJ, Ease My Mind (Mercury)

I recall when I first heard about Swedish electro-pop duo Niki & the Dove; I couldn?t help but think of them in comparison to British acts Florence & the Machine and Marina & the Diamonds, as they saw the continuation of the trend; a female name followed by a seemingly random object (or in this […]

Jesse Ruins – Dream Analysis (Captured Tracks)

This is a debut that should keep listeners day dreaming until a full length album appears, scheduled for release later this year

Jessie Ware – Strangest Feeling (PMR Records)

Her debut is definitely a step in a new direction, compared to singing over Jokers dubstep at the Boiler Room.

Trophy Wife ? Bruxism (Blessing Force)

Through the measured use of their talents here, Trophy Wife have created a confident and refreshing collection of songs

Jens Lekman – An Argument with Myself (Secretly Canadian)

A welcome comeback from the Gothenburg local, thank goodness he decided that bingo calling wasn?t his actual, um, calling!