Iceage – You’re Nothing (Matador Records)

The messily distorted, razor-sharp riffs and almost inaudible vocals are still there but they?re not quite so rough around the edges.

Toro Y Moi ? Anything In Return (Carpark)

Bundick?s third album Anything In Return seems like a new beginning for an electronic producer who?s music here seems like that missing link he?s been looking for all along.

The Joy Formidable – Wolf?s Law (Atlantic Records)

On Wolf?s Law we find the Welsh trio delivering more indie anthems which are more akin to a band who crave the limelight of stadium Rock

Chad Valley – Young Hunger (Loose Lips)

It?s cheesy. In parts, really quite cheesy. But aren?t we in an era now in which cheesy is coming right back around?

Clock Opera @ Heaven 8/11/12 by Fran Jolley

A surprisingly great live act, one would have imagined a Clock Opera to be bedroom boys hiding behind their banks of keyboards and failing to engage with an audience, how wrong I was.

Cheatahs – The Swan (Wichita Records)

One of the most exciting new bands of 2012. But will they let us all down by 2013?

Mac DeMarco @ Birthdays, London 19/11/12

For once it didn’t feel like a f***ing catwalk but an actual gig where people had fun and it made me happier than thousands of Mister Freeze & I felt like hugging Mac DeMarco and giving him a Megadude Medal.

Cold Specks @ Mercury Lounge, New York 08/11/12

A triumphant start to the 7-piece band’s North American tour, which not even superstorm Sandy could derail

Japandroids @ Heaven, London 26/10/2012

Thankfully, on stage the Vancouver duo are the same act we saw pumping out the unrelenting, visceral tones of Post Nothing a few years ago

Patrick Wolf – Sundark and Riverlight (Mercury)

One could call this project rather self indulgent and they would be right, but then would we expect anything different from Patrick Wolf.