Album Reviews

Cloud Nothings ? Attack on Memory (Carpark)

Judging from this record, growing up is a pretty painful affair. If it produces art this good, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Islet – Illuminated People (Turnstile)

?Illuminated People? serves like a manual on how to make great experimental music delivered by the new masters of the craft, Islet.

Seekae – +Dome (Rice Is Nice)

If this album remained ?underground?, strictly for the ears of the coolest ?sound foragers? then that would be a crying shame

Korallreven – An Album by Korallreven (Ac?phale)

They’ve taken the Samoan sound back to Sweden, and mixed it with every Swedes inexplicable capability of making perfect pop songs

Justice ? Audio, Video, Disco (Because Music)

The album drifts off into the territory of ?we are trying our hardest to make you forget what we use to sound like?

Youth Lagoon ? The Year of Hibernation (Lefse Records)

Powers seems to be a veteran at this, and this album places him near the top of the pile in a growing genre that is filling up with artists

Atlas Sound ? Parallax (4AD)

Parallax is perhaps an altogether more refined and well worked record than any other previous releases under the name of Atlas Sound

The Sound of Arrows – Voyage (Skies Above)

The skinny Swedes from The Sound of Arrows have finally released their debut album and it’s called Voyage because that’s exactly what it is.

Niki & The Dove – The Drummer EP (Sub Pop Records)

The Swedish duo are back with their second EP of the year, pounding our eardrums and any resistance to their charms to a pulp with ‘The Drummer’.

Tori Amos – Night of Hunters (Deutsche Grammophon)

Night of the Hunters is a modern masterpiece but likely to bore those who don?t have an appreciation for classical music.