Album Reviews

Broken Records – Until The Earth Begins To Part (4AD) 01/06/09

Melancholy is a word thrown around by many bands to describe their influence?s and lyrical tone. Broken Records take this complex emotion as more than just an influence, but more as a reason to exist . The Glaswegian outfit spin tales of disillusionment and melancholy throughout their debut album Until The Earth Begins To Part. […]

Kasabian – West Ryder Pauper Asylum (Columbia) 08/06/09

Kasabian, the great divider of the indie music buying population release their third, absurdly titled, album, West Ryder Pauper Asylum this week. Fans have already been given a taster thanks to a few Sony Bravia adverts and Tom?s and Serg?e prolific plugging of the record. Already it has divided opinion without it even being released […]

The Von Bondies ? Love, Hate And Then There?s You (Fierce Panda)18/05/09

Love, Hate And Then There?s You is the third album released by The Von Bondies, five years after the successful Pawn Shoppe Heart. Despite backroom issues that would easily have sunk another band, Stollsteimer and co have managed to produce an album that should do okay, if not spectacularly. The Von Bondies came to the […]

Cutaways – Earth and Earthly Things Label (Unsigned)13/05/09

Belfast?s Cutaways are aiming to re-energise a music scene whose most famous child of recent years was probably Snow Patrol. A big ask perhaps, but in ‘Earth and Earthly Things’ they have self-released an album that gives it a decent shot. Cutaways comprise of Paul McIver, Grace McMacken and Ryan ?Mc? Simpson, and between them […]

Esser ? Braveface (Transgressive) 24/04/09

Ben Esser, formerly drummer with Ladyfuzz, has been reincarnated as everybody?s favourite coiffured songster. Braveface has been hotly anticipated since he popped up last year with the maddeningly catchy single ?I Love You?. The good news is that fans of his previous releases will not be disappointed. From the first chords of confrontational opener ?Leaving […]

Autorotation – Everything is Everything (Teknostan) 25/05/09

Autorotation are a London-based ambient electronica band who describes themselves as “Kate Bush singing on a Sigur Ros track that was remixed by Aphex Twin”. Those are some pretty big names to be throwing around, for a band only on their first properly released album. Surprisingly enough, Everything is Everything does not live up to […]

Brakes- Touchdown (Fat Cat Records) 20/04/09

Ok, so you?ve all heard the story by now. Twee indie band meets rocking indie band, indie bands fall in love and make beautiful indie rock kid. It?s been nearly six years since that fateful night when Electric Soft Parade?s Alex and Thomas White first set eyes upon British Sea Powers Eamon Hamilton, yet Brakes […]

The Whitest Boy Alive ? Rules (Bubbles) 30/03/09

Erlend ?ye’s outfit The Whitest Boy Alive is another example of the excellent music coming out of Norway in recent times. ‘Rules’ is their second UK album release and has a much more minimalist feel than previous efforts. Opener ‘Keep A Secret’ is a great introduction to what follows. There is downbeat funk here, like […]

Starsailor- All The Plans (Virgin) Released 09/03/2009

Scenes don?t come any blander then post Brit pop