Album Reviews

Bloc Party – Four (Frenchkiss Records)

This isn?t the album that we all hoped Bloc Party would be releasing when they eventually got back together.

The Flaming Lips and Heady Fwends (Bella Union)

The music has become secondary but maybe it?s a good thing – at least it?s not all for the money.

Eugene McGuinness – The Invitation To The Voyage (Domino Records)

An all round well crafted album in terms of sound and lyrics, using a timeless style that can?t really be faulted but the style might override and under mind the music slightly.

Passion Pit ? Gossamer (Columbia)

It’s the lyrics that really drive this album from start to finish, the melodies and happy-go-lucky harmonies seem to have been pulled to the back seat so Angelakous can really vent.

Wild Nothing – Nocturne (Bella Union Records)

A slow-burning, steady and rippling journey of an album, this swathe of gossamer-like indie pop deserves late summer hit status.

Purity Ring ? Shrines (4AD)

A dark and haunting force which you shouldn’t be too scared to embrace.

Dirty Projectors ? Swing Lo Magellan (Domino)

Swing Lo Magellan is surely Dirty Projectors most outstanding and focused record to date

Chromatics ? Kill For Love (Italians Do It Better)

You need to view Kill For Love as more of a cinematic experience, than a musical one.

Diiv – Oshin (Captured Tracks)

The Brooklynite?s have the perfect album to accompany the sequel to Drive and have captured the shoegaze zeitgeist perfectly

Twin Shadow – Confess (4AD Recordings)

Somewhere in the dusty basement of an old tape store sits most of this record, already written.