Emerging Artists #5 – Planet Earth

Young and Lost Club’s latest offering Planet Earth, have been touring and recording with Noah and The Whale recently and have also shared the stage with some of alt-folk’s biggest names

Interview – Sparrow and the Workshop

The band are currently on tour with The Brian Jonestown Massacre, and lead singer Jill O?Sullivan took some time out to have a chat with us…

Emerging Artists #4 – La Shark

A definition of their music has troubled many so instead of trying to pin them down with the usual genre labels we let the band introduce themselves…

Emerging Artists #3 – Hanoi Janes

Hanoi Janes is mainly the work of one guy living in Dresden, Germany. He spent the last six months constantly recording his vision of a Spector/Wilson sound, limited to on an 8-track recorder, one mic, and a stack of slightly degenerated pop nuggets in mind.

Emerging Artists #2 – Girls Names

The second band we would like to bring to your attention is Belfast’s Girls Names. They sound like a Gothic ’60s garage rock band, blending surf noir rhythms with beat-pop then covering it all with a thick layer of reverb. Currently they’re are on tour with La LA Vasquez.

Emerging Artists #1 – North Atlantic Oscillation

We’ve reset the counter, renamed it ’emerging artists’ and so begin with Sam Healy from North Atlantic Oscillation.

Win An Exclusive T-Shirt Designed By New Young Pony Club

Addict Music has again teamed up with Topman CTRL to give away an exclusive T-shirt, this time designed by New Young Pony Club (yes it’s the one above).

Interview – The Plastiscines

We managed to get hold of the girls for a quick chat before their first headline gig at The Barfly, to discuss their small beginnings in Paris, life on the road and a chance duet with Patrick Wolf…

Interview – Fyfe Dangerfield

With his debut solo release, Fly Yellow Moon out this week, and a short run of intimate live dates to showcase the material, things are busier than ever for Guillemots front man Fyfe Dangerfield

Addict Music’s Tips For 2010

New music always succumbs to trends and is often propelled by increasingly obscene marketing budgets. With this in mind our first ever stab at indie soothsaying is split into two halves